We deliver on time and budget…

Infographica | Leading Infographic Design Agency

We deliver on time and budget…

…we offer 3 great design packages that can be customised to your needs. We cover all types of project from first-time infographic projects to complex SEO content planning.


Every project is different and your requirements will be influenced by a range of issues. We will listen to your needs and produce a detailed proposal for your consideration. In addition, take a look at our summary guide to pricing here.

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  • Lift Off Package

    £399 - £850 Infographica | Lift Off Package

    This package is designed to get you started with infographics. We include static infographics and short (30 second) video motion graphics in this package.

    We review and add to the available content, devise the strongest narrative, build a wireframe/storyboard and deliver unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the output.

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  • Standard Package

    £999 - £1,950 Infographica | Standard Package

    Our Standard offer allows for more input and support to your infographic planning and normally more creative contribution from our design team. This package also allows for a 60 second motion graphic design.

    We review the content and narrative and devise a wireframe/ storyboard. This level also allows for additional deliverables like micro-content cuts of the design.

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  • Deluxe Package

    £1,495 - £2,450+ Infographica | Deluxe Package

    This package gives you everything you need for your infographic project. We start with a briefing meeting or mini-workshop focusing on your infographic design.

    We will build the design outline and present these back to you. We allow time to develop a couple of executions of the design and deliver relevant cuts for social and other marketing purposes.

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