Put your investment in infographics to work

One of the most exciting things about infographics now is the various ways you can put them to work. While the long-form static versions still do their job, you can also experiment in other ways. We thought it would be useful just to outline a few.

1) Try different infographic formats: Infographics don’t have to be static. We’ve created short motion trailers for social that can entice your audience to learn more about your brand…

Example: Our Marathon Map trailer is a 20 second snap shot of a new product launch for MapMyMarathon. Inspiration. Motivation. Achievement were key in our brief.

2) Create divisible content: One infographic can be repurposed in many different ways, which is helpful for maintaining a consistent publishing schedule. Split them up for:

  • Visual assets for your blog…like animated gifs?
  • Social images that liven up Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and others
  • Use in other formats, such as posters, motion graphics, short videos

If you haven’t experimented with this tactic before, learn more about the benefits of divisible content here.

3) Visualise your proprietary data: Your customer surveys or internal data or processes can easily be turned into interesting infographics. We recently created this infoposter / infographic for e.on that raises awareness to their internal processes for accessing turbine data for performance management. It is proudly pinned in their many sites across Europe.

4) Turn your designs into a series: Instead of cramming your information into one long piece, split them up to tell a longer, more complex narrative, or series of narratives. This allows you to tell a longer story, approach a subject from different angles, and generate more content.

We are in the process of creating a series of motion graphics that introduce subjects within the umbrella of ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ and it’s really interesting stuff.

For more information or to talk about your project contact:
email: jon@infographica.co.uk
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