7 Ways to Give Your Infographics New Life

Do you really think your investment in infographic creation has only one return?
We are great believers in recycling and there is absolutely no reason why this can’t apply to infographic design. There are many ways you can reincarnate your old infographic and get even greater value from your investment.
Below are a few ideas for you.

1. Turn Images into Social Media Graphics

Small bits of graphics intended for social media platforms are the new hits of the market. Infographics contain engaging visuals and illustrative images to represent the facts. You may consider using those individual pictures into stand-alone graphics and use them on social media channels which are mostly visually-driven.

2. Convert Your Infographic Into a Video Motion Graphic

Videos do magic when created and used in the correct way. Convert your infographic into an info-video and see the effect. If your textual infographic had received 2000 views and shares, your new info-video would certainly get double that.

3. Create a Blog Post on the Facts & Data Points

This is a brilliant idea to re-purpose your content. Your infographic surely must have several points. So why not expand them and create a full blog post on each of the points? You may elaborate each fact and do some additional research with new perspectives and depth.

4. Convert Your Infographic Into a Slide Show

If you don’t have the time for a video infographic, then why not opt for the less time taking solution? Simply convert your existing infographic into a slide show. Put the facts on separate slides and engage a new audience in a new medium.

5. Write a Personalised Commentary

People love discussions and in-depth discourses on a specific topic. You may report your existing infographic, and write a commentary on the major points and facts. This gives a new life to it since you are instilling your personality into it. You may also add backstory, as to why you created the infographic in  the first place. As well as you can discuss the processes you had to undergo while making it.

6. Find latest News surrounding the Infographic

Search for additional and contemporary information about the topic of your infographic. If you find anything significantly relevant, just add it up with the existing content. This would value add to your infographic and would not render it as trite and banal.

7. Create a mini eBook

Use the stats and facts of your existing infographic to create a mini e-book. You can use it as a great content upgrade option when people visit your website.
So these are the few smart ideas of re-using your past infographic, that saves your time, gives you a space to be creative, and gets you more creative ways to organise your content. However, it is always preferred to create new and fresh infographics with latest facts. But these are just a few short cuts in case you want to increase the shelf life of your pre-existing infographic.
Though it may sound expensive to get an infographic done from a professional graphic design agency, with us, that is just not the case.
Our prime USP is our cost effective solutions, super fast turnaround time and an excellent customer service. Our portfolio is open to you, and you may see the vast array of designs in our possession. Feel free to contact us for any graphic design requirement.